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Thread: Cameraman and editor required for sports project/advert (Olympics 2012)

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    Default Cameraman and editor required for sports project/advert (Olympics 2012)

    Hi everyone,

    Who we are:

    I run a student led start up non profit organisation which supports young people in engaging with opportunities to give their time to support our local communities.

    What we are looking for:

    We are looking to shoot a 2-3 minute clip at an athletics staidum which will be promoting sports amongst communities and it will also be used towards our promotions leading up to the 2012 Olympics. Some shots maybe required in other locations but the majority of shots will be within the athletics stadium.

    What we require:

    • A 2-3 minute advert (it will probably be less) for this sports based project.
    • A team of one to two cameramen/women with HD semipro/pro cameras and other equipment like tripods required - quality for an advert.
    • Experience in music editing and voice overs - as our clip should include audio and imagery.
    • Advanced skills in editing - this is a must given that this will have a little bit of a twist and we will require some of your technical expertise on this.
    • A team/person who is London based and would be comfortable with us sitting with them through the editing process

    What you need to know

    • Filming should last between half a day to a day at a stadium to be confirmed.
    • Immediate start - we would need a quick turnaround on this as we need this filmed, edited and the final product before the 1st week of December 2010.


    • We have a very limited budget for this but we do promise that if this goes well we will be using you for future work and hope a lot of people will see this video. As we are a non profit organisation and this is ultimately for the community as we are a start up organisation with limited resources.

    Future Work

    • This is an exciting opportunity to have a video that will be used as part of the upcoming Olympics as part of your portfolio.
    • We will also recommend you to our partner organisations for future work
    • We will also call on you for other promos throughout the next two years when needed if this all goes well.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.


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    Smile Our budget

    We had a meeting this morning and we are looking at around:

    200-300 for our budget include all equipment (hopefully you should have your own), around half a day to a days worth of filming, and then full editing til completing before the start of December 2010.

    The actual clip does not need to be more than 1 minute 30.

    We are willing to negotiate on price, but given our circumstances would most likely take the most competitive quote that you have to offer. Future work should follow from this.

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    Hi there I am willing to help you out with the advert providing you can supply me with the footage. Email me on and we will talk further.


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    Hi there,

    Where in the country is this stadium, and what shots are you looking for? Do you have a script, or at least an outline of what you want to the advert to look like once finished?

    If so, please email me at and I will see if it is something I can help with.



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    I am interested.

    Welcome to Facebook - Dave Wilson Productions


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