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    Hi guys.
    Need big help about configuration on my PC
    Im working with full HD MVI files.
    On Premiere CS5.
    As soon as i put any effect on a clip, playback starts to break, tilt,,,you know what i mean.
    I got i5 proc, 6G RAM, loads of disk space, graphic card is Nvidia 9800GT.
    BUT i dont have a video editing card. I thought of buyin Blackmagic intensity pro or
    Decklink SDI.
    I dont know the reason why my playback tilts. Is it bacause of graphic card and would i solve the
    problem with buyin blackmagic video card?
    Or video card is here only for capture and to give you additional in and outs??
    I got some jobs beside my regular,,and i really need to put my PC together as fast as i can.

    Thank You..

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    Unless you're doing 3D stuff, an add-on video card won't help you much. HD MVI files will edit much better on a 64-bit quad core system. You never mentioned which version of the i5 you have. What are the core speeds? There's a lot more to it though. For instance, I'm an AMD guy, and getting RAM timings and so forth to work optimally with an AMD CPU is usually a bit challenging until you find the sweet spot.

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    Hi Swoop!
    I have i5 750, Clock Speed 2.66 GHz if thats what you asked..
    Here is the link
    Intel® Core
    Im buyin new graphic card, nvidia gtx470, i hope that will improve smth,,and yes i heard on other forums that i7 would be much more suitable for cs5..
    I know there is a lot more to it as you said, but due to money not having i must take step by step improvements..

    thanks for reply!

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    Can you reduce the preview quality, to help with the play back in CS5, like you can in Vegas.

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    That's not too bad a processor Rip. Could it be that you have too many processes running at startup? If you have anti-virus (especially Norton) try turning it off while editing. If you Google a bit you can find several guides on the net for turning off unecessary processes. For instance, scanners and printers like to have mini programs that boot at startup, and there's no reason to have those running.

    Believe me, I have as many money problems as anybody. I just got my first cam with pro features. My dad died in July and I got a little life insurance money. Even still, I bought the cam used for $1850, and that's still a ton of me for me. I could have never afforded a new cam like that.

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    Yes Midnight you can reduce the resolution of playback and pause, in my case it doesnt help alot ;(

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    I still think its a graphic/ram/processor issue. I WILL check this processes running at startup as you said,,thanks!!
    Well congrat on your new camera Swoop!! Hope you find it a good buy for you!

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    In Sony Vegas you can also redue the colour depth/bit rate in the project properties but remember to put them back up before your render. Another thing people sometimes forget is to defrag the hard drive or have it to full anything under 20% free pace and it's time for a big clear out or a second hard drive. Just a thought.

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