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Thread: What is constructive criticism?

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    Default What is constructive criticism?

    We've got a great user video section. It's devoted to helping people improve their videos, and many users register for this help alone. The best way of doing this is to provide a critical assessment of the video, but I think there's a bit of a confusion over whether a critique is "constructive" or helpful. In my opinion, any critique is useful, as long as it's reasoned. For example, "I stopped watching 10 seconds in as I was offended by the language".

    What do you take constructive criticism to mean?

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    I'm getting a sense of deja vu. Though it's high time it was aired again.

    For those who weren't around, there was a sicussion on exactky this question nearly two years ago.

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    I think it's pointing out what's wrong AND telling how to correct.

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    Along with saying that Andy I also think pointing out what is good about it as well. Because we are dealing with an art form as well as technical points I think we should say what is personal preference and what is technically wrong and make it clear which is which.

    The other main point is context. ie Is this the first video they have ever made. If so just about everything could be wrong with it but I would never say "everything about your video is wrong". I'd probably pick one or two points which I feel they could work on for there next video and not try and overwhelm them. I would look at a more accomplished users work with much more "picky points" as this could be all that was wrong with it.

    I would like to make a personal point about this issue. When I first joined this group, like most others who join I wanted to improve my video skills. Over the 14 months I've been around I think I have done this to a degree and thank all those who have helped me but I feel when I post my work it only ever gets commented on by the usual few people. Without a broader range of opinions I feel the usefulness of posting is limited. Is there a way to get more people to look at and comment on user videos. Is there a way of restricting posters from putting up a video if they never post comments about others work. I have commented on at least 90% of all videos posted since I've been around there must be a way to get others to contribute. I remember Shrimpy use to say to people about this sort of thing. Perhaps simply saying in the description of the user video section that it is expected to that they will comment on others work if they want comments on theirs.

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