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    Powerful video for a powerful poem.
    In the main I thought it was superb. My only criticism was taht I thought you went a bit overboards with different fonts. This seemed to get moreso towards the end and became, at first a distraction and then an annoyance.
    Typo at 21 secs - "I'm more precious then diamonds...."

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    I thought this was excellent. I loved the way you made the trees from the word tree etc.... One part starting at 2:00 to 2:19 got a little difficult to read as they where overlaying each other to much to read easily BUT apart from that a great job AND the music was really good fitted the message etc...

    Big thumbs up from me.

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    Good video, interesting use of titles, I did find myself starting to skip the video after 1.30, possibly telling me it needs a strong edit or I have a online attention span at the age of 40 also possibly I am completely wrong as usual.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    really great animation
    fantastic job

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    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching it; and thought the music and editing went pleasantly well together. I found the use of the Texts very inventive.
    I suspect the Poem, when spoken, is alot faster; but it takes a while longer for humans to read text. Hence, it feels a little long.
    (A small observation. In many cases, the text appears crisp; but somtimes with the large font (eg: "Hell"), the letters look a little fuzzy around the edges. Perhaps you had originally used a smaller font; and are simply using your Video software to enlarge the graphic of the text.)

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