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Thread: Seeking software ideas - cropping video

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    Default Seeking software ideas - cropping video

    I could really use some help finding the right software package for my needs. I've got some video I want to edit, but I'm having trouble finding the right program.

    I need to be able to crop frames (there are people in some sections of the video that I need to cut out of selected frames). I also want to be able to do video overlays (having a small window that shows content from a second camera in a small window placed somewhere on screen).

    Do any of you have a program that will do this? Also, are there any low cost or shareware programs that can do all of this?

    I'll welcome any assistance with my search. Thanks.

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    Try the free trial of Sony Vegas. It can do all you ask.

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    Default Thanks

    I haven't been able to get that program to do this. Can you elaborate?

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    If you look at the extensive help files this should tell you how to do what you want to do. Cropping is an easy function in Vegas, as is the picture in picture you described in your first post.

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    Default Well...

    I'm still grappling with this. If anyone can direct me to specific links or anything that would help me, I'll appreciate it.

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