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    I believe this is the best spot on this forum to place this thread, so here's my question.

    I make videos to upload to YouTube and I'm looking for a video editing software that costs less than $80 or around that amount that will allow me to use the "clone effect" which is where I can clone someone in the software. I also need to be able to use FX effects like the one's found on

    I'm willing to go as high as $110, but would rather not. Any suggestions?

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    If you can shoot against a green screen your subject then yes - most consumer software can do this.

    If you want to lift the image from one video and put it on another, you will either need to use difference masking or siftware which will allow you to draw a mas around the object, frame by frame, which is very time consuming. I know of no consumer packages which have either of these (oh hang on, Sony Movie Studio may have difference masking). Sorry.

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    I am also looking for a video editing software for less than $100, and was wondering if I could get some good suggestions or if softwares in that price range are not really worth comparing and just go for a popular one on or something. At present, I just want to be able edit videos of tutorials I'll be making for youtube uploading. It will be mostly just videos of my computer screen where I'm doing stuff on photoshop, notepad, etc. with just my voice over. Also possibly being able to blur out parts where I have to hide my password or stuff like that.

    I am thinking of getting into video editing for other things in the future as a hobby where I'm recording actual people as well, but for starters, I was wondering what a good software might be to start with and then transition into a better and more expensive one in the future. (I have downloaded and played around a little bit with the trial version of adobe premiere but of course there's not way I'm paying upwards of $500 for a software I won't be using as much until as least the next version of it comes out, lol) Anyways, much help will be appreciated.


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    Sony Movie studio is upgradeable to the Pro version and is basically the same program with less functionality, so you can use it as a learning curve for the pro version. Edius Neo is a very good piece of software for the price and is also a good starting point for their pro version which is simply called Edius 5.5 or what ever number they are up to now. I have to say Pinnacle Studio is very intuitive for a beginner to start with but I can't recommend it as it seems unstable, has bugs (like a lot of software) and is more restrictive than the others I've mentioned. These are the only ones I've used.

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    What about Adobe Premiere Elements? Mainly just because since I'm already comfortable with one adobe software (photoshop cs4) and it can be upgraded to the pro edition as well.

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    From what you have described you have actually simplified the process! You need to look for a software program that offers an upgrade path beyond the consumer level.
    Just off hand Sony Vegas starts at a very basic level allowing you to go through stages to Vegas Pro.
    Adobe starts with Premiere Element then directly to the pro version.
    Magix Movie Edit Pro consumer level software is very good and you can then go up to their Video Pro X which is not strictly speaking pro level but advance prosumer and very feature rich.
    Have a look at the consumer level products then use the free trials to see what you like.

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