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Thread: Do I Need an Intermediary Codec With My New Rig?

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    Default Do I Need an Intermediary Codec With My New Rig?

    I'm a new Vegas user, having just switched from an ancient version of Premiere. I've just ordered an HVR-V1U which should arrive tomorrow according to UPS. It will be my first foray into HDV use or anything else other than standard DV. I realize that people have been using things like Cineform for a few years now, and I have a rough understanding of how that works, but I also just rebuilt my computer last week, and I'm wondering if I'll really need any kind of intermediary codec with it? It's based around an AMD Phenom 965 quad (3.4GHz per core), and I'm running 8Gb of RAM.

    I'm just using the Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite rather than Pro 10 because I can't see anything in the Pro version that I'll be needing. I know Pro 10 has "GPU-accelerated AVC/H.264 decoding", but it's my understanding that this doesn't work with AMD based Radeon cards, and I'm not going to be shooting with an AVCH cam anyway.

    I mainly just want to know if there's any need for me to buy something like Cineform, and also if there's anything in Vegas Pro 10 I'll need that I'm not thinking of considering the cam I'll be using?

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    The codec you require is dependent on two things the format of the footage coming in (what your camera produces) and the format of the footage going out (your rendering choice) I haven't heard of a particular graphics card having trouble with a particular codec but I'm not an expert on codecs or GPUs. I would have thought the codecs that come with Sony Vegas will be enough for you, they usually cover the cameras they produce. Only you can answer your question about the Pro version. If you find you need the extra functionality that the Pro version brings you can always upgrade later.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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    It seems to me that the reason people have used things like Cineform in the past was to enable HDV mpg4 editing on computers that were a bit slow for it. I'm thinking my newer rig won't need it though. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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    For those interested: I finally got around to editing some HDV footage this morning. I captured 3-minutes with audio that I shot over the last couple of days, all at 24a with a Sony HVR-V1U. Vegas automatically separated the video into the 8 clips I shot. The clips played back from the timeline pretty well with the preview set to Best/Full, but I would say the playback was just a bit choppy (about like watching a 30fps movie after it had been changed to 15fps). I placed a simple dissolve between each clip and played with the gamma levels of one while using the sepia effect on another. Playback was just a little choppier yet. Changing the preview settings slightly from full to half made things look fine.

    I rendered out the video to HDV (mt2). It took a little over 4-minutes to render the entire 3-minutes of video with the effects and transitions in place. It looked beautiful when played back in Windows Media Player 12. I think I can conclude that with a fast quad core CPU on a 64-bit Windows 7 platform, and 8GB of RAM, no intermediate codec is needed.

    I can overclock to around 4Ghz. I haven't tried that yet, but I imagine I'll be able to run the preview set to Best/Full without the choppy playback if I do that. My CPU runs a bit hot though when overclocking, so I'll have to be careful there. I could put in another case fan, but I'd rather not add to the noise of my box.
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    I'm glad you got a product. I have a very good PC with W7 64 bit, 6 Gb of 3DDR RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz etc... which runs 1080p footage at Best/full with no problems but as soon as I put certain transitions or effects on the clip it starts stuttering. The worst effect I've found for this problem is the Star burst effect. I guess you need an IBM super computer mainframe to run some things.

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    You know that i7 overclocks really well. You might get as high as 3.5Ghz out of the cores if you worked at it a bit.

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