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    I have made a typical, noob error. Specifically, my mates are amateur film makers, my father used to work for a film production company and for many years, I've been itching to give it a try.

    So I thought I'd buy a cheap-as-chips used camera to play around, make mistakes, see if I could like it. I therefore bought a used, cheap, Canon XM2 which was great until I tried to attach it to my MacBook. Which does not have firewire. Doh!

    I made the fatal assumption that I could simply attach a camera to pretty much any Mac but I am now experiencing the error of my ways and I feel like a really, dumb gorilla.

    Is there a workaround without having to re-eBay the camera or buy a ProBook?

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    All Macs have FireWire ports. But they do have differences. Is yours the FireWire 400 or 800.

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    Default Firewire on MacBook

    He's right - all MacBooks have firewire. That's the socket on your computer that is round at one end. Maybe you don't have the right connecting cable. Your camera will need a small firewire male plug and the other end of that cable should be the large male plug.
    That'll likely work.

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    Not just Mac books every thing from like the iBook to the Mac pro.

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