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Thread: problems with interlaced mov!

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    Default problems with interlaced mov!

    hello, me again, asking weird things. I have to export some videos using quicktime format, with dv25 codec, and interlaced. The thing is, the interlaced looks awful when is on the tv, with all the field lines broken. What's funny is that in the Premiere the video looks just fine. We record with a sony1000p (pal format), edit in pal, and export with pal; we are currently using cs5. The problem must be in some point in that chain but cannot find where. It happens only with the show we edit in premiere, for the other is being done in vegas and has no problem. Does anyone know what can this problem be? thank you in advance!!

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    Make sure the field order when rendering is lower field first. I think this is true of all interlaced SD footage. If it was interlaced HD footage it should be Upper field First.

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    yeah, is set in lower first. In fact, most of the settings are locked and can't be customized, that's what makes it weird. By now, the only setting that worked ok is h264, all the others have field problems...

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    I had troubles in the past exporting quicktime dv from Premiere. I'm trying to remember what the issue was, but it's not coming back to me. If it's not overly important that it's quicktime you could try exporting as avi dv.

    Even if it is important it could be worthwhile checking, if the problem still persists then it's a different issue than what ever I had, and never worked out.

    At the time I had to pass on the rendered video's to a mac user so it was important that QT was used. I downloaded the Avid codecs from the Avid site, exported as QT with the avid dv codec and had them download the codecs from avid to further work on the video. That worked out fine.

    Avid - Avid QuickTime Codecs LE 2.1 Download

    If nothing else seems to be causing the prolem you could give it a try.


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