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Thread: Power x Freedom x Dream Tee Photoshoot Video

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    Default Power x Freedom x Dream Tee Photoshoot Video

    Background: I own a clothing company and decided to incorporate video into my photoshoots. What do you think?

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    I don't think shooting with the sun behind the guys was a good idea unless you compensate the lighting with a reflector or something to stop the faces been in shadow. At 38 secs I didn't like the time shift but the slow mo as they were passing the camera look ok. The shot at 1:15 could have been framed better, you chopped off the top of the head of the guy at he back. This shot also looked bad because the guys didn't look natural or comfortable which distracted me. If this video is for selling your company image I don't think it looked professional enough but as a first time shoot it was ok.

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    As usual Midnight is on the button. Aside from that over here in the UK the use of the "n" word is pretty offensive. So not a good song if you want to market in the UK.

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