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Thread: complete beginners guide on how to get started.

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    Default complete beginners guide on how to get started.

    first of all let me say hello to everyone.


    im really intrested in how to get started in editing, what i need is someone to point me in the right direction in course's or hands on training with a person who can show me the ropes.

    i dont have a lot of money to do expensive course's. all help and a point in the right direction will be greatful

    many thanks


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    Hi Sean and welcome.

    As you are no doubt aware, whilst it can be very creative, editing is just the technical part of assembling your footage and so a broad general understanding of filmmaking as a whole will help tremendously. You could do a lot worse than start here:

    Now, for the specifics. Do you have a PC or Mac (and if not we'll probably have to pause while you reasarch buying one)? Do you have editing software? Do you wnat to use freebies or do you want to buy? - Popular "consumer" packages can cost from 50 to 100 (maybe a bit more) and you can buy the 500+ pro packages if you develop and feel the need. But you certainly don't need that to get started.

    Do you have a camera? What sort of movies does it take (ie what format - file type "codec" - if you post make & model here we can help with this). Or maybe you want to edit cips from elsewhere. I'd strongly suggest you work on your own material, or at least material which has been filmed to be put together. Making something up from random clips rarely succeeds (though it can be very successful in an experienced editor's hands)

    Back to you

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    My suggestion would be to join your local video society. For an absolute beginner they can be a wealth of information and advice. You'll find people who love to share their experience and knowledge (sometimes a bit too much!) but, as a place to start, it's probably the cheapest, most convenient and practical way. In a conversation you can ask questions and get an immediate answer, then come to the forums if you want a second opinion.

    The IAC website lists a load of clubs, one of which must be near you. Film Making Clubs a-d

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    Also im newbie on this but your explanation means really helping,Great on ma side i look forward on making Some Tv adverts,and making documentaries i have pc with 3.6GHz duo core and 2GHz of RAM wile hdd is 750GB ,hope this can do something what are the link for tutors and starting free software's?

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    Also, for the technological side of camcorders and other equipment, I still like Scott Billups' books like Digital Moviemaking 3.0.

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