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Thread: Sony Vegas Problem

  1. Default Sony Vegas Problem

    Hi guys

    Im looking for some help, im trying to add my remix of a dance music song over the top of the a video of the DJ playing the video

    The audio is the same beats per minute as the audio in the video but when I load them both in Vegas and mute the original audio I just cant get them lined up

    Heres a pic showing that the arent quite lined up

    I there anyway to line them up


    Uploaded with

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    Try expanding the view so you see more specific information on the wave form. This may make it easier to line up the audio tracks. If the tracks are not in time, there is a time shift tool in Vegas which may or may not help.

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    Ive tried zooming right in but that doesnt make any difference when it comes to lining the audio up against the video

    Ive BPM's the audio from the video and also the audio of my track and they are both 128bpm


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    You should be able to slide the audio to your hearts content,
    if they are of different lenghts to to the previous encoding etc, then you can stretch or squeeze the audio,
    Line op the first beat on the audio, then go to the end of the clip grab the clip on the end and hold the CTRL to expand or squeeze the clip, line op the last beat and it should be in sync now, % shows how much has been done (if not in view use the CTRL+SHIFT+I to view)

    you can also change pitch by pressing the +(plus) or - (Minus) keys

    by the way if they are the same bits of music then they look out of phase...

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    How do you mean by 'out of phase?'

    Ive muted the volume on the video and im using an mp3 of my bootleg

    Its not letting me slide the audio to how I want it lined up against the video

    I cant line up the 1st beat as its not letting me
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    My guess: Turn OFF quantise to frame.

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    how do I do that Tim??

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    Wow thanks tim, thats sorted it

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on rendering, when I render this it comes out at 12gig

    Thanks again to everyone who replied to this topic

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    Can anyone help me with this or point to to the relevent topics please

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    Where do want to do with the rendered clip ?
    Web, DVD

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