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    hi there i have a samsung analogue camcorder which has only got a composite connectors ,one is yellow and the other is white,i want to connect this to my tv card(pinnacle pctv rave) which has got the s-video and the yellow composite plugs.if i connect it through the yellow plug how do get the audio into the computer? or do i use the s-video?does the s-video carry both video and audio? could you please help me out with this. i am a beginner at this as you might have noticed......

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    You need to input the sound from your camcorder via the audio in on your soundcard.
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    hi mark thanks very much for youre quick the card is a tv card it came with a small cable to connect it to the sound card,my sound card has only one line-in socket so will i be able to get an adaptor to connect the two into the one socket ?

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    You can bypass the TV card completely. Essentially the lead you're using at the mo outputs the audio from your card to to your soundcard - so you can just bypass that and go straight from your cam to your soundcard
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    hi marc will i still be able to hear the television also ?

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    No, but I assume you won't be watching TV whilst capturing .
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