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Thread: How to select certain bit of video to edit?

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    Default How to select certain bit of video to edit?

    Hey guys just after some help as I am really frustrated and haven't been able to work this out for the past few hours.

    I have a 1min long video and what I want to do is add a reverb echo at a certain point ( when the vehicle enters tunnel) How do I do this? I can't work it out for the life of me :(


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    You can either use the razor tool to cut the section you want out on the timeline and apply the effect to the section you cut out, the tool is the one with the icon that look like a razor blade. If you unlink the video and audio before doing this you can keep your timeline cleaner, you can even relink the video and separate audio sections afterwards if you want.

    Or, you can apply the effect to the audio as it is without cutting. Then add key frames to the effect values as you adjust them. This is more useful if you want to gradually increase from an effect value of, say, zero up to your desired amount, and/or back again to zero.

    To do this apply your effect, go to the "effect controls" tab and open the controls for the desired effect. The mini timeline you see is a representative of only the clip you have seleted on your main timeline. Move the CTI (playhead) to the point you want the effect to start, check that the little stopwatch icon(s) is(are) selected for the values you want to change (this enables keyframe animation) and set your effect values to how you want the effect to sound/look for all time up to this point, in this case zero (on that clip only) then slide the CTI forward a bit and adjust the values to what you want them to be for the effect at full.

    If you play this back the effect will gradually kick in, it can be over a frame or two, or over a minute or two etc.

    Just move the CTI forward to where you want the effect to end set a new full value keyframe (hit the little diamond shaped icon to the right of the value adjuster) then slide the CTI a little forward and reset all the values to zero to repeate the process in reverse and return the effect back to zero.

    Premiere automatically sets keyframes for you when you change a value, if you move the CTI and want a new keyframe, without changing the value, you need to do it manually. You need to be aware of this when trying different values at different poistions. You can delete keyframes and it's best just to set your 4 keyframes, then move them around if you want to adjust their timings. The little arrows either side of the keyframe setting icon (diamond) let you move to/from the next/previous keyframe if you want to adjust their values without adding aditional undesired keyframes by accident.

    The cutting on the timeline might be fine for your purpose, but keyframe animation is a useful thing to learn.

    Good luck,

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    Thank you so much David, thanks to your detailed write up I have worked it out

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