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    So i decided to film a horror style video following the concept of Paranomal Activity. The whole "shot on a home camera" etc etc.

    Now this is just a trailer, however i'm tempted to work on a feature thats around half an hour long, depending on the feedback i get about this trailer.

    I feel i left too much sort of "scene setting/story telling" at the start, considering it's a trailer. I also think it seems to act like there's some continuity to it, when there shouldn't be, which is all down to having to work with the few shots i got and being unable to reshoot.

    Other than that i'm very happy with how it turned out! Any feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated, thanks and enjoy

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    Yes, this is a funny thing. It's not really a trailer and not quite a short movie, some sort of hybrid. I see you are still on your crutches and I was quite worried when I saw you throwing your self around on the floor. I think what you need to do is go back to the editing and use those creative talents that you have to make this a proper trailer or scrap the trailer and just develop it into a proper movie.

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    Haha a few people have said that to me now, i've identified points where i could cut it down but i'm also stuck between the choice of that or just going all out and filming some more to make a short movie out of it. And haha, im managing to cope quite efficiently with throwing myself around, i dare say im safer with the pot on as its actually giving me more protection :P
    Thanks once again for your feedback

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    If you dont mind my opinion on this then here goes...

    One thing that I thought could have been improved on was the suspense, the book starts moving straight away and then seems to struggle to actually get off the furniture. The dialouge on the phone makes it clear that you arent really talking to anyone, you repeat the things your friends is supposed to be saying. You feel the need to show us your parents leaving, that bit with you walking to the gate and waving is perhaps labouring the point. I always think that filming in a domestic home is difficult, they always seem too cramped, moving to different parts of the house doesnt really help. Also, as with P-A you are filming this as a sort of videodiary, but I thought that some parts made it look like we were watching a movie. If you had picked the camera up and moved around more, maybe looking in a mirror with it would be cool. This is something I would most likely do while testing a new camera, it may have been an opportunity for some creepy stuff. I much prefered your other one with your brother at the end, I actually jumped at that one.
    On the plus side I admire your determination and obvious dedication to your work.

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    Similar thoughts from me. A few little bits and pieces like that with the book, perhaps a well placed close up to draw it's attention before going wide. It's always good to get extra shots such as this to give you the option to try them and decide whether to use them or not.

    I also got the feeling that it was somewhere between a trailer and a short. Perhaps an incomplete short would describe it for me.

    I enjoyed watching it, and I liked the rythm and pick up in pace. I'd definately develope it further if I was you. Maye not a full half hour but only you can know that, as it depends on what ideas you have for it. I'd like to watch it if you did.


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    Rather good. You've picked up and used many techniques which are seen time & again in this genre. I've not really much to add to the thoughts above with which I agree. I wasn't sure about the shot from within the bedroom (1:37 etc). There was tilt on the shot, which I thought would be appropriate as we want to keep the audience a little disorientated, but only a little tilt, such that it felt unintentional rather than deliberate.

    I thought you did the end bit (the blurred stuff we can't see) pretty well. It's easy to overdo this, but it went on for just long enogh in my book.

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    first let me say i don't do paranormal or ghost videos, know nothing about them other than i hear they are hugely popular on the tube, in saying the word tube I advise you to drop the title thing at the start, they are not needed on the tube. after the alone title sort of need a wide shot to establish your all alone, that close up was way to intimate for a alone feeling

    that was a big dutch tilt, not sure if it was overdone, possibly you needed it to see the frame of action, also try to steer clear of what I call tripod height shots, overall a nice effort.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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