Hi guys! I just got Adobe Premiere PRO and I have a Canon 500d. I record in 720p. I just filmed a short clip test PREMIRE. My raw file is 76MB and my exported one is 26MB. I export using Media Encoder!

My export settings are :

Summary Says :
1080x720, 29,97FPS
Compressed,VBR,2 Pass, Audiences, Avg 10000,00 kps

Bitrate Mode : Variable Unconstrained
FrameRate: 29,97
Pixel Aspect Ratio:Square Pixels(1.0)

Advanced Settings:
Decoder : Complex
Keyframe Internet : 5sec
Buffer Size : Default
Video Biterate : 10 000

Is there anything wrong in these settings? How come I'm loosing all this file size and quality?

Thanks a lot guys!