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    Just a quick heads up:-

    AATranslator version 3.4.04 is now available - registered users should already have been notified of the download location. V3.4 will convert Vegas XML to both Mac & PC PT compatible sessions and much more.

    Version 3.5 (currently in beta) will convert ProTools 7 sessions to Vegas XML and (fingers crossed) v3.5 should finally have an OMF export function.
    We will work on PT8 next and we are also looking to add SAW Studio to our long list of supported formats.

    As mentioned on the web site the 'extended' version will rise in price in the next few weeks so if you are thinking of buying you should consider doing it soon.

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    Just one question... what does it do?

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    Fair question I guess.

    Lets say you have a Vegas session and you need to have it mixed in PT or vice versa then you could export to XML and it will convert it to a PT (Mac or PC) readable file. Or if you received an OMF you could convert it to a Vegas XML for processing in Vegas.
    Same goes with say Audition, CEP, Reaper, Samplitude, Cubase/Nuendo, N-Track, Ardour, Studio 1, Logic, Tracktion, FCP, etc etc.

    Similar to Proconvert except without the high price tag and with more formats.

    So it could be handy for some

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    Well I did say that we would get this beast out on Xmas eve and we did - Version 4.0 is now available.

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere there are just way to many things fixed or added (some small & some big) to be listed.
    The highlights are the ability to read ProTools (ptf) sessions for versions 7, 8 & 9 as well as being able to export an omf (both embedded & reference and either wav or aif).

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    I haven't been around these parts for a little while. It's amazing how much time this AATranslator project consumes.

    We are trying to get another version out the door but we always seem to add just one more thing...
    What's next?

    More detail from PT sessions (still more work to be done around hidden/inactive/playlists and they don't make it easy!)
    Very much improved reading of FCP XMLs (should now read 'project' xmls as well as 'sequence' ones)
    Very much improved export of FCP XMLs
    Improved Vegas/FCP conversions
    Improvements in reading/writing OMFs (should also read pan automation from most omfs)
    Many more small but important additions or fixes.

    Anyway just a heads up.


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