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    From the dawn of man, man has been fascinated with fire!

    ... actually, I can't back that up cuz I wasn't there. But judging from how people love fireworks nowadays, it's likely.

    But would mankind harm itself with its new invention? Probably. I can't think of any cases right now but I'm sure some have burnt themselves.

    And it is this horrible, gutwrenching thought of mankind harming itself and its people with fire, that was the inspiration for:

    Click the above heading to view by the way.

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    I am confused, but amused. The quality of the image seemed to be very poor, what camera were you using? And I don't understand why it looks like the voices have been dubbed into English.

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    I just think what TimA said about the quality and the dubbing just added to the film. I didn't expect to like this but it was quick-fire, quite mad and original. I think "zany" might be a rather outdated word which describes it.

    My favourite was the understated line:
    "My home burned down"
    "Yeah, we established that"

    Very enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

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    I concede, Tim. I had not realised it had been on purpose. Sorry.

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    Now I know what Len Goodman feels like on Strictly.

    It was brilliantly awful. Terrible script, crap sound effects, tragic special effects and rubbish quality pictures.

    I loved it.

    Dunno why, just thought it was great. Laughed out loud. Please, please keep on making videos!

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    An excellent making of video and audio .....It is not crap...effects are so radiant that some thing obscure happened....Lol!!

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