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Thread: Processing of Video Recorded with Canon DC 40 PAL Camcorder / Handycam

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    Default Processing of Video Recorded with Canon DC 40 PAL Camcorder / Handycam

    Hi friends I want some information on Processing of Video Recorded on mini DVDs in Canon DC 40 PAL Camcorder / Handycam More information in detail , about camcorder can be found at below links As per my knowledge we have two modes Video and VR Mode to Record Video on Mini DVDs (1.4 GB , 30 min , 1x-2x) in MPEG2 Type (3 / 6 / 9 Mbps). XP: 20mins. / Approx. 9Mbps (VBR) , SP: 30mins. / Approx. 6Mbps (VBR) LP: 60mins. / Approx. 3Mbps (VBR) , In Video Mode we get .IFO & .VOB Files In VR Mode we get .IFO & .VRO Files I want to copy the Video and mini DVDs to my system and convert them to DivX and play them in DVD & Divx Players with more or less same quality as recorded with highest compression in Players. I also want to copy the mini dvds to normal dvd with the menus so that i can fit 3-4 mini DVDs to 1 Normal DVD (4.7 GB) and play them on DVD or DivX Players Kindly suggest me some solutions, Software and Procedures.
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    You should be able to copy the .vob files and edit them directly on your computer. I'm not sure but I would think you can put the disk into the camera and attach it to the PC via USB, hopefully the computer will recognise the device and you can just copy the .vob files onto the PC. I know you can edit .vob files with Sony Vegas Pro I'm sure there are other editing programs that will also do this.

    When you have finished editing them, render them out as an mpeg2 where you can burn them onto a full sized DVD or use a media player to view them on your computer.

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