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Thread: Baby talk composition :) the sweetest..

  1. Cool Baby talk composition :) the sweetest..

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    I think this is a nice twist to your video style which works well. Did you write the tune around what the baby did or did you manipulate the tone of the baby ?

    Nice one.

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    Thanks M.B
    I wrote the tune around what he did... (musical baby ah?)

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    Great fun. Whilst I admire the fact you kep it short and sweet, I wonder whether this might just stand being longer: by using a different child or different (but separate) children for a second verse and maybe a whole group of them for a final chorus! (Though I can't begin to imagine the logistical nightmare)

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    actually I had more footage of 2 other kids , but they weren't "verbal" enough... but yeah it could have been cool...

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