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    Default CS5 External preview monitor

    I'm hoping someone can help with this issue.

    I was running Premiere CS3 with 2 graphics cards. An ATI 512MB HD 3650 as the primary card with 2 monitors connected, and an ATI 1GB EAH 4550 with a 16" 720p HDMI TV attached.

    While editing HDV everything ran smooth, I could set the "external device" in the "playback settings" to "monitor 3" and everything was fine. I could preview 720p 1080i and 1080p HDV clips from the source or record monitor through HDMI perfectly on the 720p TV.

    For obvious 64bit vs 32bit reasons I changed to CS5 and all is not good.

    Playback when I select the 3rd monitor as the "external device" in "play back settings" becomes really rough and stuttery in the source/record monitors and on the external device.

    I also need to set the "playback resolution" to "half" or it displays the video (only on the external device) with the pixels squashed to square.

    Upgrading to a GPU accelarated compatile card for the Mercury Playback Engine sadly isn't an option at this moment. Does anyone know if I'm missing something and I can make this run as it did on CS3 without changing any hardware?

    I'm also running a core2quad Q6600 with 8gb Corsair Dominator RAM at 1066MHz on an Asus P5Q Deluxe (P45 Chipset) Mobo.


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    If this is any use to anyone, I had a hunch and tested something out, I took out the HD3650 and ran the dual monitors off the EAH4550 alone. The video playback in premiere was exactly as stuttery as it was when the external device was enabled through it.

    Giving me the impression that regardless of primary display adapter, Premiere Cs5 lowers the playback abilities to the lower specced card when enabled. As the HD3650 plays the video back pretty soothly, with only the occasional hic, I considered getting a 256mb HD3650 cheap on ebay to replace the EAH4550. If anyone is considering this budget setup it's the ddr3 version of the cards and I'm only assuming the 256mb would be suficiant as a secondary adapter. But I had another idea, which will mean forking out a bit of cash after all, if it turns out worthwhile I'll post back on the results next week.

    Something else I should have mentioned, the playback relating to the HD3650 is playing back rushes from a raid 1 setup.


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    I stumbled accross this last week:

    Adobe Premiere CS5 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Mercury Playback Unlock Enable Hack Mod Tip

    I'm sure some of you may have seen it, or have been aware of the possibilities but I still never wanted to say anything untill I tested it out. I've never been shy on taking overclocking risks and the likes in the past, and this seemed really tame in comparison. I'd still advise anyone to read all of it if considering.

    I ordered an MSI 1gig NVidea GT 240 DDR5 pci-e card off the back of what I read on the link(I learned in the past that cheap manufacturers are a false econemy), I stuck the card in this morning, followed the instruction on the link and everything went together perfectly smooth. I'm currently running this card alone, I was going to try my hd3650 as a secondary adapter, but now I'm not sure about having both NVidea and ATI drivers on at the same time, or even if the HD3650 will cause Cuda related problems. I'll consider further, but at the moment I'm also consideing holding out till funds are looking better combined with growth in Mercury Cuda support, then replacing this card with a fully certified card and running this as a secondary adapter for the preview monitor. If anyone knows anything about this I'd love to hear, perhaps confirmation or thoughts on whether it would work or if it would be a bad idea would be great.

    Anyway. I'm running the same system as before with a couple of changes.

    The Intel Q6600 is running at 2.4GHz stock speed (as it was when I previously posted) and I kind of feel this is probably a bare minimum processor. I've had it overclocked to 3.4 Ghz in the past and I may put it back but I'm going to run it at stock until I finish the current project I'm working on (Jan/Feb) and that will also let me see how things go.

    The RAM is also the same, as is the mobo.

    The card has obviously changed and I removed the raid to test this new setup, I just thought it might have been risky. So I'm getting much better results now and the rushes are on a basic 7200RPM drive. I will definately change this back and performance imporvements will be definate, but not until after the current project is complete.

    It's only been a day but the card is running great so far, I can play back HDV at full resolution perfectly smooth and have tested it out with some mercury supported colour/effects work, it is running smooth but I do need to put it down to half resolution playback with less going on than I'd expect from a fully certified card combined with a faster processor. But it's still a massive improvement on anything I've experienced in premiere before.

    If I get any further issues, good or bad I will update here incase they may be of use to someone. For now I only had one issue, and it may be an important one. Premiere struggled to open a previously created project (created just last week) in which I had captured two HDV tapes in CS5. I don't have any idea why, but it sat "not responding" far too long, I ended the proccess deleted the project and captured the two tapes again. I got lucky that I'm still in production stages, and had just got a head start by capturing the first two tapes.

    I'd have been gutted if I'd done this further into post.

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    When I saw your P45 chipset mentioned I wondered if your MB would be like mine (Gigabyte P45) where I only have 1 - 16bit PCI Express slot. If I were to use the 8-bit slot for a second video card this reduces the performance of the card in the 16 bit slot. As Premiere Pro CS5 uses the video card memory this might be your bottleneck.


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    Thanks Beemer, and your right enough, it is a similar MB in that regard. I was aware at the time that using 2 cards lowered the PCI-E performance.

    I did a fair amount of experimenting with this set up, but I decided not to update here advising anyone to do the same as I bought a second GT 240 and was messing around with overclocking and cuda hacks. I found I couldn't get the preview to run smooth consistently.

    The thing that bothered me was that I could preview HDV perfectly smooth through cs3 on low end cards, I recon there may be a level of card(s) that could do this in Cs5, but when considering the experimental costs of findning out I just got rid of both Nvidea cards while I could still get a decent price for them.

    I'm almost set to do something I've been looking forward to for a long time now anyway. Get fully Avid Media Composer equiped.


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    I'm curious why you did not stay with Nvidea to take advantage of the CS5 Mercury graphics playback engine? Was it that you will definately move to Avid?


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    Pretty much spot on, the mercury playback engine is great, it makes a massive diference. But it came down to that I really do tend to edit and colour in my NLE and do effects/graphics work in AE and C4D.

    I'm no expert colourist, so the Avid workflow is perfectly stable and ideal for my edit/primary colouring needs and their budgets, with the occasional secondary colouring available in AE when really necessary.

    I'd have stuck with the NVidia cards, but other than with mercury they never made a massive difference over my ATI. The most important thing for me is advanced openGL support in C4D, so I just sold them while I could get a good price and moved on.

    If the mercury playback engine ever evolves into AE then I'll definately invest in a top spec cuda card, and from what I did find I'd highly recomend the NVidia route to anyone favouring the Adobe workflow based around Premiere.


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