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Thread: My company's service video I made.

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    Talking My company's service video I made.

    This is kind of my 2nd fixed video after I posted in a different area of the forum. Anyway, for the 1st video, you can take a look at it from this forum link on this site.

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    I liked the look and feel of it. There was a couple of points were I thought the text could stay on screen a little longer. BUT I'm old and a slow reader so may be that's just me.

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    Looking good. I do agree with Midnight that the lenthy text, where you actually describe what you do, could be on screen fo a second or two longer.
    Overall I think you have a good brand look.

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    pretty classy video

    issue I feel is it takes 15 seconds before we see the goods we want to see straight up, those first 10 seconds are make or break if your trying to get a message across, fancy titles doing dances don't do it for me
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Thanks for your inputs!! I have been working on the FULL VERSION, which is up now! I posted it in a new link, so please visit here to check it out!

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