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    OK, ive had all the feedback from the Rally Fans on the TV show from Rallyday 2010, so i figured i would get some feedback from a different set of viewers

    Theres a link below to the TV show as it was on Motors TV, in 4 parts in a Playlist. Obviously it is a Motorsport show, so you may get bored if your not into that sort of thing but if you do sit through it then comments would be welcome

    I know theres things i would have done differently if i could, but half of those are just me being picky i hope

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    Hi Wayne,

    I am not really a rally fan, so content like this will only keep my attention for so long before I get bored. I thought you got some great shots though, and it was edited very well. However, if you would like some constructive criticism that borders on nit-picking then here goes

    It took 49 seconds to get to a full screen picture, which I think is too long. For me the split screen look always feels like an intro, especially if it used at the beginning,

    1:43 - I liked the green light shot, but I think it would have worked better a little later in the video, maybe just before the car screeched into action on 1:48 ... for me, that would have shown the visual story of green light ... GO! and added pace to the sequence. The other short clip of a car behind a fence, and then the starter between the green light and the car starting were not needed in my opinion.

    2:59 - 3:14 - Not sure if these shots were included to appease sponsors, but if they weren't then I think they should be cut as they add little to the story in my opinion. If they were there in order to appease sponsors, then much better in my opinion to see a car speed past a Castrol log, and have the camera linger on the Castrol logo once the car has left the shot.

    3.47: Loved the shot from inside the car, where the driver seemed to really be wrestling with the car. This adds excitement for me, but, on the flipside it reminded me of an in-car clip earlier in the video in which the driver looked to comfortable as if he were taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive. I'd probably cut the later and definitely keep the former.
    4:30: Interviews revolving around the Audi Quattro. Personally, I would have started with images of the interviewer and interviewee, and then cut away to images of the Audi Quattro while keeping the interview audio over the images of the car. For me, you lost all of the momentum of the video with too long spent on talking heads.
    Bear in mind that I am neither experienced or a rally fan, so feel free to ignore all of this. They were just my observations.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Obviously as well as aiming at the Rally Fans out there it is always possible that someone could stumble across the show who normally wouldnt watch, so a view from a non rally fan is always good

    The intro at the start is just that, its the intro that has been used on all of the shows this year, to be honest i should probably cut it off for youtube, as you said, to get into the action sooner, but i think its just the lazy factor of uploading it exactly as it goes on TV to save extra work. but it is probably something worth doing now you have pointed it out, i may make a shorter 10 second one for online i think

    The Castrol stuff was to please sponsors, its always difficult to please them and never ideal. Comments noted for next time

    It had never crossed my mind about the in-car footage looking different, it was in fact from 2 different cars, but now you have pointed it out i think i could have done with indicating that in some way. The shot looking out of the window was from an old ( 1998 ) peugeot 306 kit car which was difficult to drive and shows, the shot facing the driver of the other car was on the latest spec Ford Focus World Rally car which has more buttons and computers than some aircraft ! and so it should for around 1/2 million so thats why he looked like it was a sunday drive ( it was actually frustrating when i got the footage back out of the car and it looked so smooth, i wanted it to be more action or at least have the passenger screaming ! )

    But the comments are definatly welcomed, and dont worry, they are only as nit-picky as my own critisisms i noticed afterwards


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