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Thread: A new band that takes editing seriously: Manner

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    Default A new band that takes editing seriously: Manner

    Hi all,
    Would love to get your thoughts on this project:

    It was directed by Emre Akay.

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    Fair play to the effort put in to the editing, must have taken ages!

    I switched off after 1:24 though - too much movement for me, none of the shots had a chance to register and in the end I couln't help wonder if this video should come with the same warning as those that contain strobe lighting?

    If this super-fast editing had been used sparingly, maybe at the dramatic or quicker parts of the track I would have preferred it I think.

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    I did watch all the way through but have to echo what Mike said. A tremendous effort but sometimes less is more. OR too much of a good thing or some other similar phrase has to come to mind. It's a piece of modern art that most will think "what is it supposed to be". I really don't like being negative when you have obviously made such an effort but it is in my view over the top when you cut at every frame. AND for that reason I'm out.

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