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Thread: Short Horror Film (HD) - Hysteria

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    Default Short Horror Film (HD) - Hysteria

    Hey guys, our new short horror film titled 'Hysteria' is online just in time for Halloween. Please spare 10 minutes to view it in HD on either youtube or vimeo. Thanks.

    A lonely night in becomes a terrifying event when an unexpected stranger comes looking for help.

    Directed, Filmed & Edited by
    Sam Hendi

    Written & Sound by
    Shahram Shayesteh

    Casting & Make-up by
    Abena Bentum

    Music Composed by
    Steve Lemaire

    Set Design by
    Elly Nagarajan

    Grips & Lighting by
    Shahla Shayesteh

    Clare Nagarajan
    Katy Poulter
    Laura Brown

    Filmed Using
    Sony HVR-V1E & Letus35

    Edited Using
    Sony Vegas

    2010. All Rights Reserved.

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    You've made a really good looking film Sam, You managed to bring me into the story at the beginning. I think you used sound/music well to create an unsettling atmosphere and bring on the sense that something "not nice" was about to happen. When the other girl came and it all started to kick off, I thought you used all the tools you had at hand really well, the smoke and the lights looked good. Oh one thing I wouldn't have done is the fade through black at around 7:15 mis. BUT this is a minor thing.

    My only problem with the movie was the ending. It left me feeling a little flat as though the movie only ended because you reached 10 mins, rather than a real logical conclusion. I'm not sure why that is as you generally followed a good narrative.

    Very well done on creating a really good looking movie.

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    Looked good and the sound design was generally excellent. I had exactly the opposite reaction the Midnight about the ending. To me it came across as the classic "and then it starts all over again".
    A few points I'd pick up on.
    1. I wasn't convinced by the constant yelling of "Calm the *** down". Even if you're panicing I think you'd try to use calming language - ok maybe a rising "calm down...Calm Down ... CALM THE *** DOWN" as the initial reaction fails to get a response. But that's probably just me.
    2. I thought the dialoge between the two girls went round and round in circles without progressing the plot or developing their characters in any way. I have to admit to getting somewhat fed up with it after a couple of minutes of this.
    3. I wasn't convinced by the sound of the spaceship. I got the impression someone was firing up a Hawker Harrier outside. It really did sound very jet engine.
    4. The sound of the dialogue had a lot of echo/reverb from the room. Appropriate for a conversation in a car park, but not a homely kitchen. My guess is you did not mic it up - or at least not nearly closely enough.
    5. I failed to understand the shots from behind the girls as they look towards the door. From inside a cupboard or oven or something - we see a curved door(?) framing the shot on the top and right. I can't match this with anything seen from the other direction, so it seemed out of place. Can you explain why you did made these shots - you've clearly put a lot of effort into them (you appear to do a fake dolly/tracking shot) so there must be some reason.

    If that sounds negative, they are just some areas which coul be improved in an otherwise good job. I thought the girls did a great job.

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    This was really good. It scared the hell out of me THank you for sharing it

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    WOW- Horror is my least favorite film genre, but even I enjoyed being thoroughly spooked by this, as the result of a great setting of tone and atmosphere, as well as wonderful first-rate acting by the girls.

    My only critique would be that we first hear "they" are coming at about 2:40, and by 6:30 or so, we are still hearing about "them" without establishing who they are. The first 30 to 60 seconds, wondering who "they" were added to my anticipation, but after that it became slightly annoying as I waited for the action to happen. And this took away from the feel of what was going on, just a bit.

    Overall, this was excellent. There was never a feeling of anything being forced, it was all naturally and genuinely terrifying, and I think you have a bright future ahead of you in this field.

    I would also appreciate if you would take a look at my first short "Too Far Gone":

    Thank you!

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