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    Hi guys,

    I'm shooting my first short and it has an external night scene so we're obviously going to need some lighting.

    I was wondering how you get round the problem of powering the lights on external shoots? Are there heavy duty battery packs for them (if so what are they called?) or do I need to get a generator of some sorts?

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    A generator is the usual way to go if there is no other electricity source. You shouldn't need a large one but it will still be noisy, so keep it as far away from the shoot as possible or/and some sound shielding for it. There may be some sort of battery set up depending on your lighting set up but I don't know of such things.

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    I had this same problem not to long ago and had to find a substitute for a generator. I borrowed an outlet car adapter from a friend and plugged a light into it. I ran the light with a long plug from the car to my set. The car was quiet enough that it didn't show up on the audio. The only problem is that the size of the light that you can plug into the adapter is limited since they can't support really high voltage appliances.
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    On TV, we often see news Reporters giving live reports from strange places. I imagine they do it (setup camera+mic+satellite link+lighting) all with one person and they also have a small generator. MidnightBlue's point about the noise is interesting; as I don't ever recall hearing one on a TV news report.

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