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Thread: Sony A1E download problems

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    Default Sony A1E download problems

    Maybe this should be in "hardware" ? For years I have used Sony A1E camcorders and downloaded into Vegas 9 using Video Capture 6. For some reason the programme no longer detects the camcorder - I have followed Sony's instructions for setting up the Camcorder "P-MENU" but the programme either detects the A1E - but claims it is busy and asks me to check that it is not in use by someone else(it isn't) or identifies the Camcorder as "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" - it will download in this latter mode drops and aweful lot of frames which it never did when the A1E actually appeared as a download device. Most downloads are HDV. Any ideas ? Thanks

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    My first instinct would be that it is a hardware issue. Have you tried another firewire cable? Failing that - perhaps a replacemnt firewire card?

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    Thx Andy - just now tried both of those - still no go - it's odd - programme recognises the A1E - but merely tells me to make sure it is switched on and not in use by another user(which of course it isn't!) Any more ideas welcome - failing can anyone suggest another capture programme that captures the HD (I assume as m2ts as Vegas sued to!!) Thanks everyone

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    Guess I should add it now recognises the A1E after a bit of tinkering with the latter's menu but tells me the A1E could not be opened(odd if it is detected) and I should check it is turned on(which it is) and not in use by another user(which it isn't) !

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    Can you see the A1 in the MY COMPUTER folder to see if it has dectected OK?

    try a progra called as a free alternative capture program
    HDVSplit utility for HDV capturing with scene split - HDV capture utility

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    Thx for that - interestingly the A1E does not appear in "My Computer" - but the system does give the message "Digital Video Device" and gives a number of options to download into other progs I have - but none of them into HD - and indeed it does download to the other progs!!(but not in HD) I'll give the HDVSplit a whirl thx!

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    This seems to indicate , you may transcoding HDV to SD on the camera.

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    You may be right...but everything on the camera - both record and playback is set to I wouldn't how to resolve..tried HDV split but that will not detect the camera; at the moment my only options seem to be Nero or AVS4U - both of which offer MPeg2 - but in the past my downloading has always resulted in M2ts (via Vegas) or directly as mts (from another Sony HDD Camcorder I use) The detection screen is also offering "Adobe On Location" - not a programme I am familiar with.

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    Adobe "On Location" appears to allow only "recording" rather than "capture" of material already extant

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