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    I have recently delved into the world of DV Editing and now at a STOP sign as I really don't know which is the best software around to do this type of digitial wizardry!!! I know there are so many around in the market place and wondering whether anyone could recommend an item software package which does everything apart from making your dinner (mind you that would be useful to!!!)

    Any suggestions would be very welcome.

    Many thanks

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    It really depends on how much you want to spend, and what you want out of the software:

    1) What's your price range?
    2) How creative do you want to be?
    3) How much control do you want to have over the process?
    4) Do you want a programme that creates the final product too (VCD/DVD)
    5) Do you want to spend money on uprgrading hardware/how happy would you be to install a PCI card

    Answering those questions should help

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    Obviously being quite new to the whole DV Editing world, I have recently bought a DVD burner with a DVD Builder software by Roxio, along with Pinnacle Studio. They are very good programs for the beginner, however limited to what you can do. I would like a software package which allows you to create the final product onto DVD, adding specific menus as like a normal DVD, and also to be creative. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am a slight perfectionist so everything has to be just right, or otherwise I feel my job has not been done. I currently use a laptop which would limit the installation of a PCI card, however I do have a Firewire IEEE 1394 connected, and do have a PCI card slot at the side of the laptop, where I could connect a 6pin/4pin adpator.
    Price range, having looked at the website, some serious applications were looking at serious money, beginners software first, however if it is something which I would like to pursue, which it looks as if I will, probably tops 600! My philosophy, have to speculate to accumulate!!

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