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Thread: Have you got a big brain and could help a newbie?

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    Default Have you got a big brain and could help a newbie?


    I am completely new and have quick boss asked me today to find out if it is possible to create a personalised video for around 150 customers.

    The video would around 3 minutes long. But I was wanting to know if it is possible to create 150 personalised introductions i.e "hello Dave", "hello Sharon",etc, and then edit them/join them to a standard 3 minute video.

    So basically it would be connecting a personalised part A with a standard part B.

    It would not need to be very smooth or amazingly professional. We are just looking to send a standard video message to 150 customers but do not want to record an entire personalised video for each one and so just want to merge a personalised "Hello custoemr x" with the standard video so it all flows together.

    Thanks a lot for anyones help!!!!

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    It may be easy. Take a look at this. I shall be interested to know what you think.

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