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Thread: Weird squares in videos.

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    Default Weird squares in videos.

    Well, im pretty new to vegas pro. andim busy with some small CS:S edits. but everytime when i try make some cool effects or changing brightness and such stuff. i get a weird square in my videos.
    it stas on the same spot everytime and cant remove it.

    I changed the brightness of the video and the weird square is the normal brightness! but it keeps staying in my video for some reasons. and i have no clue how to remove this

    Here is a picture with what i mean.

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    See the button above the preview image, a sort of circle cut in half, immediately to the left of where it says "Preview (Full)". That's the FX bypass button.
    Click on the button and your problem will disappear.

    It's a preview with/without FX button. If you click on the drop-down on the right of the button you'll see various options: Left, Right etc. What this means is it will show the untreated image on one side and the treated image on the other. Really useful for comparing before/after fx.

    One of the options is labelled something like "selection". This enables you to draw a square around the bit of the image you want to view as "before" whilst the rest is "after".

    I'm guessing this is what you have inadvertantly done.

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