I play in a small band and we want a very basic video of a gig for promo purposes only. We dont have a budget but will buy beer... None of us own a video camera and none of our mates have one even remotely modern!!!
I dont know if any of you would be prepared to help out???
We'd really like someone to come to the Maverick pub in Stourbridge west midlands on Friday Nov 12th. We're not looking for anything flashy but would like something of half decent quality that we could put on the web and hand over to new venues.

The pub is small but usually has a great turnout for us (a bunch of middle aged rockers playing pop/classic rock)
www.myspace.com/freewateruk if you wanna check us out.

We would be really greatfull if you fancy trying it!!!

If you're interested could you sent me a message or email
david dot wilson at westholme dot co dot uk