Well, here's another book recomendation from me. the 2nd edition of "After Effects in Production" has been out for a little while and I've recently got a copy.

If you're interested in After Effects the, quite simply, you should have this book on your shelf.

The book is a compliment to Chris and Trish Meyer's other AE book and not intended as a replacement in any way. The book is basically a step by step guide twelve tutorials.

All work is on the accompanying DVD along with some artbeats and 12inch Design footage - worth the price alone.

The only caviat I would put on this is that it is the same tutorials as in the 1st edition, only updated for AE6.5. So if you have the first edition then find a copy and have a flick through to decide whether you can justify the 'upgrade'.

Other than that. You won't be dispointed in this book.

Details at: http://www.cmpbooks.com/product/1305

I'm no afiliated tothe authors or this book in any way. I just like their work and books.