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Thread: Video rendering and settings help

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    Default Video rendering and settings help

    I have a question in sony vegas pro 9.0
    first off i use my old panasonic pv-gs31 which has great quality b
    I'm new to editing and when you start a video it gives you a bunch of options for the video size and formats or w/e
    I.E-It will say NTSC DV and the BIT you want to use and motion blur and all of the stuff
    How can you tell what to use for the video?
    Do i have to match to the size of the video and how do you find the video size?
    And what is the best file to render a video as and what template along with the video file?
    I would GREATLY appreciate any help at all
    I think my computer is shit because I made some video's and it renders them like crap but it might be that im rendering it wrong or something so i need to make sure before I buy a new computer this christmas.
    The major specs on my computer
    -intel pentium dual cpu processor 1.60 GHz
    -1 GB RAM
    -32 bit windows vista

    Also when I render a video with masking the video comes out all choppy as if the video took like 10 frames per second
    it gets me mad

    you can visit my youtube account to see my problem and how crappy it renders

    YouTube - Mrfitrider1's Channel

    or look at my video itself

    thank you for taking your time and reading this
    this is a very big issue since i just got into a video production class and it helps a lot to be able to edit at home
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    why does this have 55 views but no replies?
    you guys are assholes

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexripper13 View Post
    you guys are assholes
    Cool way of asking for help.

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