I'm getting the full version for Christmas, so for now I'm sticking with the trial run.
So I've recorded gameplay for Saw II: Flesh and Blood using a HD PVR andI've imported it to the trial version of Sony Vegas Pro 10.0. I've imported the whole first level. I'm playing it on a PS3. So here's the problem: I start at the main menu of the PS3, I hit the "play" option on the PS3. So I'm thrown into the game. But the video preview screen shows the gameplay in the top left corner in a smaller box, while the PS3 menu is visible in the background. Here's what the video looks like at the start:
If you haven't figured it out yet, I want the gameplay (smaller box) to take up the screen, why is the PS3 menu visible in the background? I've never had this issue with Windows Movie Maker. Whenever gameplay is imported to Windows Movie Maker, it's fine. Is there something to do with my settings?