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    [QUOTE]Each one of us has a story. Each one wakes up every day and live a life of his own. But have you ever stopped to ask who is that person looking at you at the other side of the mirror?

    Each one has a destination. Some know the exact path where they're going while there are some who are unsure whether they should continue or not. Others, however, have no idea where they're going.

    At some point in our journey, we can't avoid but to look back on. We often hold on to the past instead of letting go. Sometimes we pause and hesitate instead of forging into the unknown because we would rather choose to see the people around us than the person within.

    However, the truth lies within us. Once we stop listening to what others think of us and instead, here the voice within us, only then shall we know who we really are.

    And once we know who we really are, that's the time when we'll know exactly where we are heading.[/QUOTE

    Hey there. This is my first ever short film.
    I'm sorry about the first few text parts. Rough translation:
    It means "Everyone has a story of his/her life" "But in this life of mine" "Who really am I?"

    [Why is the a 'really' in the title? In the language in the film (in FIlipino btw) 'nga'&'ba' are words that are added when you're uncertain or some people are in doubt or maybe affecting the decision]\

    There is supposed to be a voice over but i removed it since the microphone was crappy so i decided to edit it out.


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    I wonder whether it needs the voiceover. It is clear you've put a lot of thought and effort into this but as it stands I can see no connection between what I'm seeing on the screen and your explanation above. Maybe I'm just stupid. Sorry.

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