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    This is actually a more generic question, although I am using Premiere Pro CS5 to work on this problem.

    Basically, what I want to do is plaster a still image on a moving background. The issue is that this image needs to move relative to the background so as to give the illusion of being still. An example would be imagining playing Super Mario World, and Mario is running across the level. As he moves, he stays centered, but the background moves. What I am attempting to do would be the equivalent of implanting a still image onto the background of this video game, and having it move with the background so that it appears to be a part of it.

    Is this sort of thing even possible? And if not with Premiere Pro, does anyone know what software might be good for this task?

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    I don't quite understand the requirement or the explanation.
    Do you just wanting to superimpose a small animation over the top of a moving background?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Essentially, yes. But this image would need to act as if it is a part of the background, and move with it.

    So if I have a moving background that pans sideways showing a night time sky, and I want to inject an image of a moon, this image of the moon would need to move along with the sky background to give the illusion that it is a part of it.

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    At it's simplest, move the graphic by setting keyframes for the starting and ending position. On play, the graphic will appear to drift across the screen. More manual settings of positions and keyframes will be needed if the background panning has an uneven speed or changes in camera orientation.
    A more exact system would require Adobe After Effects, which includes a function for tracking. AE calculates the required path and speed; the User then simply applies those settings to the required track.
    Depending on the quality required, there may be other tools/effects/considerations in trying to make the two images appear completely natural.

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