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    Here is a video I did of my son from his first steps till he eventually can run.

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    OK, we've all made videos like this - many people, like me, probably bought their first camcorder in order to capture "Baby's first steps". I'm sure you're not expecting it to win any oscars or this video to appeal to anyone other than the family, but you've clearly taken some time to edit it together (surprising how many people shoot but never edit at all) and you've posted it in a section for critical analysis so I'm guessing that's what you're after. So here goes:

    My main criticisms are something which, unfortunately, you can't fix in this film, but at least you can learn from to make better movies in the future. They are all to do with what you've shot.

    Firstly you've shot everything from an adult's perspective. We are continually looking down on your son. Try getting down to his height and shooting: getting a childs perspective on the surroundings helps bring the viewer into the scene rather than remaining distant. So, get on your knees, lie down on the floor, get below the child so you can get his perspective looking up at other adults or surroundings.

    Secondly, all your shots are the same: they are full height shots of your son. Even when you show him walking with an adult, te adult is cut off at the waist. Get in, get close ups. Show his feet only, his face only, his hands only. SHow him very small in a big world. Mix the size of shots.

    Thirdly, all the shots are from the same direction - from in front. Instead of constantly walking towards us, lets see some profile, lets see him walking away. You'll have thousands of shots of hs face. We don't need it in every shot.

    Fourthly, build some anticipation - mini stories if you like. Show an object, perhaps from his perspective then show him walking towards it and then a close up of the sense of achievement when he reaches his target. Show failure as well: a couple of failed attempts at something followed by a success creates a good sense of drama. Similarly show him walking into a shot and walking out of a shot. Even simple shots like this create some sort of narrative.

    Think about these when shooting in future. These suggestions apply to just about every video you can imagine making and make the process more enjoyale as well.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for the comments. I have done some shots trying to be lower at his level at times, but not consistent. I need to definitely think about that more. Your other comments are all right on as well.

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