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    Ok ive got an interest in creating videos but havent got a clue were to start and cant seem to find my way around this site for a place to start looking for the basic tips guides etc. Im sure your going to say YES but is this the best place to start for a newbie, it all seems like you lot are well on your way and theres no place for a beginer.

    I guess im looking for advice on all sorts of things from what progs to use and how to edit and stuff.

    I have plenty of canon camera gear and L glass and really would appreciate a few pointers from someone who can guide me through the very basics or atleast point me in the right direction and say "you need to start here"

    please help

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    If you have Canon slr gear, perhaps you also have a body that will shoot video. If that is the case, you are almost half way there!

    The rest of the equation is in the area of editing and there are a number of programmes that have free trials to get you going. Have a look at the Sony Vegas Platinium one, which will edit footage from Canon SLR's. You'll find folks on here will be able to give better advice on this software than most others.

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    i have a few canon 5d mkII's along with some good L glass but i understand theres more to video than just owning a good camera. Its stuff like technique, or what frame rate, how to compress, render what it all means and how we beginers get started i just dont seem to find anything on here its all a bit... well advanced. Am i not looking in the right places? i just would of thought that a video editing site would have been a bit of a starting point but there just dont seem to be any starting points it all just seems like a minefiled. Would be great if i could find a category on here that said newbies start here or something.

    anyone willing to help with a few links would be a great help to get me going

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    There are a number of good pointer tutorials on Videomaker. Learn Videography, Video Editing and Lighting It's an american site but gives some simple instructions.
    Once you have specific questions, this is a good community to ask and in the user videos you will get some honest critique of your efforts.

    Once you have an idea of what you want to do, Youtube has plenty of 'how to' type bits on it. Just type in 'green screen' and see the number of hits you get!

    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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