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    Hey everyone, I am new to these forums and I plan on starting to post all of my upcomming work and pre production stuff within these looks like a great community!

    I recently just purchased a HD Camera and adobe after effects. This is my first attempt at a short I produced last night, I am still very new to the program and this camera so bear with me.

    Any input would be awsome, Positive and or negative, Thank you guys/girls and enjoy !

    ::View at 720p HD::

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    Ok you just got After Effects, you needed to get this out of your system. I understand but now that you've made this. It's time to think more about the narrative than FX. I'm not saying you didn't create a nice test piece. I thought the over all look was very good and the music added to the drama nicely. The standout shot for me was at 1:30 looking down the barrel of the gun.

    The titles went on to long for a piece that's only 1:49 total filling that at the beginning with 40 seconds of titles was just too much. I didn't like the 4:3 aspect ratio when you first see "The Table". The main problem apart from the lack of a tangible story line was the over use of the "jumpy" FX this goes into over load near the end which I think distracts the view rather than adds tension which I presume was the intent.

    Nice first job. I'm sure you will come up with some really good stuff once you get the gimmicks out of your system and realise that film making is about telling a story.

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    Awesome feedback midnight, you are correct its something I just needed to get out of my system and I will take all that you said into my next piece of work which will probably be shot tomorrow . Thanks for the support bud!

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