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Thread: A video clip for my band Fare Evader

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    Default A video clip for my band Fare Evader

    Hey guys,

    Heres a video clip I just finished for my band Fare Evader. We shot the whole thing at 1/4 speed then sped it back up in post, had heaps of fun making it!


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    I think you've done an excellent job. You've taken a simple basic concept, shooting at 1/4 speed and even with one fixed camera position still made an interesting and entertaining video which I think fits perfectly with the song. I think flower bombs after the water bombs would have been good, it's amazing how sinister faces can look when covered in flower. I think you put a lot of thought into this, although it's simplicity could lead others to not realise that. It looked like you had great fun making it.

    Great job.

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    Thanks heaps!

    haha damn, flower would've been a sweet addition!

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    Yes. Very nice. Perfect match for the song.
    Must have taken quite a bit of choreographing - I was impressed at how you managed to get quite a bit of manic movement in but avoided masking the drummer.
    The first two scenes (riff & umbrellas) are particularly eye-catching and set the scene for what follows.
    The only bit I wasn't keen on was the see through guitarist.
    Great job.

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    He he, that was excellent really enjoyed it. bet you had a laugh shooting it

    one thing that puzzles me your sig says you are from Autralia ..... that looks like some back street in Bolton UK

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    I am not a expert by I had a really good time watching the video! It's fantastic!

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    Haha yeah had heaps of fun making it so it's good that its fun to watch as well! Cheers! It was shot in Fitzroy in Melbourne which I guess is pretty close to an old UK street

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    My attention is very dominated my music ... and I started off thinking I dont like the track, which led me away from the video, but I ended up thinking I wonder is this track is available on iTunes? Video looked good thoough, from my musical wrestling match, but I am going to have another listen now and will give my considered feedback in a few ...

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    OK, I love it! It's the fast paced, adrenalin fuelled music video that perfectly accompanies the track.

    Great job! I can see a little bit of We are Scientists in the band by the way

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