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Thread: Free Downloads for Filmmakers

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    Smile Free Downloads for Filmmakers has recently re-vamped it’s free downloads for filmmakers and there is a ton of completely free, yet very helpful tools for anyone making movies.

    Sonnyboo's FREE STUFF FOR FILMMAKERS like music images and more

    MUSIC – 40 completely and truly Royalty Free Songs for production. You don’t need release forms, or to pay any royalties EVER. They may not be the best songs, but it’s free. Egyptian, Rock, Metal, Corny, Silly, Ballad, Jazz, and several other genres are covered, with a few “sound a likes” too. Enjoy.

    DOCS – Need a location agreement? Actor Release Form? Budget? Screenwriting Templates?

    IMAGES – You can find newly updated to HD images like the FBI warning, ratings, logos, charts, Indian Head-style test patterns, Film Festival Laurel Leaves and more. Even Blu Ray and DVD insert templates.

    VIDEOS – Several public domain video clips like a film header, a countdown leader, a “Turn Off Your Cell Phones” video for screenings, and more.

    MORE – There are several Storyboard templates, Fonts, Articles for beginners, and more.

    Why are we giving away all this free stuff? It’s a promotion for our new feature film ACCIDENTAL ART and we’re raising money, but it’s in no way required to donate to use any of the freebies on the site.

    Sonnyboo's FREE STUFF FOR FILMMAKERS like music images and more

    Hope some of this helps out people,
    Peter John Ross

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    It's been a while since I visited. I like the new look. Thanks for posting.

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