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    Hey all! We have been working on a showreel of our recent work and put together this little teaser in after effects:

    Usually I find these kind of videos boring (only titles, no footage) so we tried to make it as interesting as possible. Does it work?
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    Hi buddy, It all seemed a little to fast for me, may be I'm tired and it's late, and I'm old. Looked good though.

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    Midnight is absolutely right: it must've been late and he must've been tired Seemed fine to me.
    Clean and simple with some nice little touches which added variety without distracting (loved the running man associated with "Live Events")

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    This is not intended to be a criticism, only an observation. I have no particular skills at marketing or design.

    Might it be helpful to reinforce the name and logo by having it appear (albeit briefly) earlier?
    I confess that I had forgotton the name of the company within seconds of the clip ending. I remembered the moving blue lines and the other cool effects.
    Are you intending to use part of this clip at the beginning of all future productions (thus raising brand awareness)? I appreciate that similar recognition could come from whatever audio you use, if you are lucky to find a good "earworm".

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    TimAndrews - The video was made to sit on our home page (doing a bit of a website overhaul that should be complete soon) so the video didn't really need to be branded too strong it was just to get across to potential clients what we can offer in a quick, visual way. We do use a much simpler logo on most of our work apart from corporate video output. We are currently cutting a full showreel combining footage & title that would be more geared as a 'business card' piece so to speak. The company name and logo will be much more prominent. Thank you for watching!

    experimentalrc - Thanks for the kind words!

    Tim & Midnight - My initial worry was that it was too fast to get the message across but after leaving it a few days I'm happy with it. Cheers fella's!

    Should also do a big shout out to the composer of the music - Altrice - who let me use his work for this. He also did the music for my short film 'Dancer' for those on here that have seen it!
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    Are you planning for this to be auto-played, that is to start playing as soon as the home page loads? If so, then it may add a nice visual element to the site but I would say in my experience that the visitor will be looking for the text, headers, or words that they are interested in ... unless this played as an interstitial (plays full screen before the page loads) I don't see it adding much to your marketing efforts.

    As a potential punter, I would rather a video that showcases all of the different facets of your business ... filming, live and non-live, editing etc

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