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    Hey guys, just releasing CRAZY ABOUT YOU, and what a unique project this way! We did it for a 24 hour film festival and the results were very unique in my eyes. The goal of the festival was to have a script done the night before and film and edit it all in 24 hours. Anyways here is the flick, not as straight forward as my other films as far as messages are concerned.

    ( 9 min approx!)

    AND if you missed it the preview of LIGHT OF EDEN

    (3 Min)

    The main channel: YouTube - fcrabbath's Channel
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    Well, I'm blowed if I know what that was all about, but it kept me gripped to the end. Some very nice shallow DoF directing the viewers' attention and some nice pull focus as well. If I may be allowed one criticism, I found some of the contrast in the sound levels a bit too great. It might be OK in an auditorium or through headphones but in a "normal" home environment I found that I had to struggle to hear some of the softer bits of dialogue.

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    Yes it had me gripped as well. Not sure about the sound problem. The dialog was may be a little low in volume but hardly comment worthy. The problem is you are so accomplished at what you do it's hard to find the usual faults. The only thing that distracted me from the story was at the end in the wedding video the guys tie wasn't straight. A very sad story line for those who have had to live with mental illness. It reminded me of a line from a Gladys Night song, Midnight Train to Georgia, "I'd rather be with him in his world, than without you in mine".

    I'm sure if I looked hard enought I could find some thing but I don't want to so I won't.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Hey guys thanks for watching!

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