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Thread: addicted to the 50mm 1.2 and Canon 5D2

  1. Default addicted to the 50mm 1.2 and Canon 5D2

    hi guys,
    it has been awhile, please check it out and let me know what you think.
    thanks for watching.

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    Very nice style Mike. The only thing I would have liked to see was the butterfly with less "out of focus". I understand the depth of field you was shooting with but moving a couple of stops when needed would have worked better for me. I suppose the title says it all really.

    Having said that, it's still a very nice video with beautiful images.

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    Glad to see you back Mike. Great shots, nicely edited together. Much, much better than most of the DSLR stuff out there.

    I must admit that, at the moment, I'm Cannoned-out. The 5d and 7d are everywhere and you can't find a youtube video without an out-of-focus background. My problem is that most of them are crap. There's a saying that you can't polish a turd and a lot of stuff shot with the Canons is sh*t. Just because there's a shallow depth-of-field, doesn't make it good. A lot of people think that buying a DSLR means that their videos will automatically look like "proper" movies.

    Okay, back to your video. I liked the aesthetic a lot, it suited the model really well. She has an unusual look which you exploited with the post-production and it works. Some of the shots seemed a little bit dark for my taste but it's probably due to the Vimeo compression. I suspect that, on the original footage, the shadow detail was there. Like Midnight, I felt that the depth of field was too shallow a couple of times but that's just my personal opinion having seen far too much out-of-focus crap in the last year.

    All in all Mike, your standard is still very high and it's always a pleasure to see your images.

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