Hi everybody, I hope you can help.

I have a Acer 1705smi with 3.06 Gh and 128mb nvideo graphics card.
It has a built-in DVD writer (Matsushita UJB811 (H101)).
I have captured some vide of a wedding last year and I'm attempting to write it to DVD.
I am using Pinnacle Studio 8.10.4 (latest patches downloaded from Pinnacle).

The problem I am getting is the finished DVD. In an effort to try and find the best quality DVD media I have bought sample packs off the Net and also visited places like PCWorld etc.
Many of the DVDs I have burned either come up with a write error or if they do complete, they sometimes have pixellation during the playback or sometimes pause for a few seconds. The best DVDs so far seem to be HP and TDK. But I would have thought most of the DVDs would be pretty much the same.
Has anybody experienced this ? Is it my DVD writer or Pinnacle or the media ? Or anything else ?
Will appreciate any advice as it is costing me a small fortune in time and money.