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Thread: "The Dropshot" - First Episode of New Series

  1. Default "The Dropshot" - First Episode of New Series

    So here it is, i finally launched the first episode of my new series.
    Been in the planning for far, far too long!
    Check it out, let me know what you think

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    A good effort. A few crits - Audio: Can barely hear what you say at the beginning. Audio is one of the most important aspect in any video production, make sure you get this recorded at a decent level. The running and shooting scene. This would be more dynamic if you'd intercut the guys shooting and you running, rather than seeing one, then the other. Also, to make more of the action, give it more drama, go in for close ups. Shoot the scene a few times through, cover the angles, wides, mids, close-ups and then maybe throw in some handheld stuff to give it some energy.
    Watch you don't just cut music off, always fade it out or cover the cut with audio from the scene following.
    The front end GFX (ILR) would look more professional if you simply faded up the title from black with music and faded out. The jumping text, shooting thing screams amateur.

    Hope you don't mind the crit, that's what this place is for. Best of luck with everything,

    Reynolds Brothers - Music Video

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    Thanks for all your feedback, the issue with the beginning bit of audio was that my actor swore in the talking scene and i didnt consider the implications it would have.
    I'm aware of the camera angles, however my leg is currently in cast, i filmed all of that on crutches. This meant i had literally one shot of everything, mostly stationary, which albeit dissappointing, is what i have to make do with while i'm unable to get around properly.
    Finally yeah, thats someting i've always struggled with, gonna look up some stuff and work on it for the next episode.

    Thanks again,

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    Thanks for posting the link.

    Can I detect a tree branch has been superimposed over the scene (0:24, the branch which crosses two of the talent's shoulders)?
    I guess it helped to make the gunsmoke appear to come from the Gun.
    I only mention it because this branch appears not to be completely connected to a tree.
    But I like the way the lady's face gets illuminated.

    I have no expertise with guns, but assumed they all some kind of recoil. If the actors could twitch a little whilst firing, it might be more realistic.

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    Thanks for your feedback, the branches have been cut out and added over the original so that i could put the muzzle flashes and lighting behind them, to make it seem a bit more realistic.
    And yeah, it was the actors first times working with prop guns, or even acting at all for the most part, so it's something to work on with them in future.
    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    Can I detect a tree branch has been superimposed over the scene
    Blimey, Tim. Were you watching it one frame at a time. Very eagle eyed of you!
    To add to the comments of others. I'm not sure I agree with Matt's comment about music cutting off. I though it was intentional - to indicate a switch back to "real life" in the middle and likewise at the end - in this instance also emphasising the thump.

    My additional criticisms reclate to a couple of edits which I would consider poor and dreadful.

    The poor one is the shot at 0:32 going into the cut at 0:33. In the shot we see the character's torso without his head: this in itself is OK, we're looking at an action scene and I dont think it's too out of place, but at the very end of the shot we see him dropping and the lower half of his face comes into view at which point it is cut to the next shot. The cust on the action is well done - it looks like one action, but I think the cut should be made earlier (before we start to see his face) or later (after his whole head has appeared in the shot).

    The dreadful one is the final cut. Actor enters moving left to right. Cut to him falling over right to left. Total disregard for crossing the line of action/108 degree rule it's wrong, wrong, wrong. The viewer cannot possibly instantaneously jump from one side of a scene to the other. You must keep the action in the same direction or fill in with a neutral shot otherwise the viewer is disorientated for a split second - thinks they're watching two different people or whatever. And in this instance it's exacerbated by the totally different lighting on the two shots (one is silhouetted into the light and the other is brightly lit from behind the camera).

    Overall, a good effort, and I'm glad you're happy to take the criticism in the manner in which it's intended. Hope you get off the cruches soon.

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