Hi all!
I am involved in a project that generates a number of small clips and i currently have a work flow that involves doing a few things to this clip in Final Cut Pro. My work flow is:
1. Record some objects for 10 minutes on a static fixed camera while capturing on computer simultaneously using FCP
2. After recording a number of 10 minute clips, I take all these clips and speed them up to 250% on FCP - making them ~4 minutes long
3. BATCH EXPORT these clips as .mov files onto hard drive.

I am trying to get a second setup to do this and i don't think i want to fork over 1k for FCP to basically do two things - batch speed up and batch export.
from my experimentation with various software, i feel like i have much simpler needs than the kind of people who use FCP. But on the other hand, batch processing of individual clips seems to be a higher function that is kept of smaller video editors like imovie.
Is there any software that can do these two things ?

thanks !