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    We have just started our journey into the Music and Music video making world. Would much appreciate it if you could watch our first Video and leave feedback on improvments. Remember this was chucked together in a mere couple of hours and we are hoping to re do it professionaly in the not so distant future. Also check for updates as more Videos will be added as we make them. We used Cyberlink Power Director 8. Do you think this will be ok to use when we make it more proffesionally with actual filming? All critisizms welcome
    Parodie City

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    A warning to readers, the video contains language that will probably offend (it would probably be flagged for deletion on YouTube).

    As for a critique, I would suggest that you spend a wee bit more that a few hours on your next video. The overuse of transitions, lack of interaction between the music and the video (except for the image representing a word theme) and the poor audio don't do you any favours. Other than that, there's not really much original content to critique.

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    It's obvious you don't take it seriously, so I won't. Bit of a laugh for YouTube but no more.
    I'd seriously advise against doing it again professionally. Why pay someone to do a pro version of that? Where are you going to recoup anything?

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