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Thread: Random green lnes in image captured from an old X800 ATI card

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    Default Random green lnes in image captured from an old X800 ATI card

    I am using an old x800 pcie ati based video card to capture images using s video in and the ATI multimedia center MMC 9.08 software. (win xp pro sp3 3gb ram pc ddr3 asus p5q3 deluxe MB) The reason for using such an old card and software is that these only provide REAL TIME VIDEO IN PREVIEW as new ati based video cards use their new AVS T200 driver that delays video...
    Sometimes I am getting random green horizontal lines only in the CAPTURED IMAGES......These lines don't exist in real time video I can easily verify it from the preview window.....
    I have a hint that there maybe is a confict in either drivers or in IRQ sharing as almost all expansion slots are used ( adaptec scsi pci card for a Ultium 3 backup, pcie pinnacle dual hybrid card, ati x800vivo card, 1 firewire external disk, 1 esata external disk, 1usb seagete disk, 1 bluray usb drive..).
    The problem doesn't appear right from the start but if the pc stays on for 12 hours then green lines appear... Sometimes I get a usb notification that a device is not recognised (although nothing new has been connected to the pc..) and sometimes afterwards PC resets...
    I think that the adaptec 29160N scsi card has something to do with it but the problem persists even if I change the pci slot that the card occupies..
    I have attached some photos and I would like your opinion on this... Thank you..
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    The USB message you get reminded me of a situation I had. It turned out to be a damaged USB socket. You could try changing sockets to see if this helps. As for the other problems there is always a danger that when you use a PC to the max, it will begin to feel the strain. I don't have any worthwhile solutions except to recommend using a few less resources if you can, sorry.

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    Yes there seems to be a connection with the used usb sockets... I have already tried to swich connected devices and ports at the back of the MB (6 usb ports availabe..)... in some cases the problem appears right from the start in other connection schemes it appears a few hours later... but it has nothing to do with damaged usb sockets.. that's for sure..

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