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    Default Intro

    Some of you might have seem the begining part of this. It is the begining of an intro I am working on for a fun video I am making. Just wanted to share my Adobe AE and Photoshop combinations. It isn't done, I still have to refilm the 2 kids parts in there and make them photoshoped pretty.

    Steven Bogda

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    Default Oops

    The intro titles dissapeared when I encoded this, I don't know why.
    And I also forgot to cut the end of the music off so it goes on a little longer then it should.


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    Nice work, plenty of energy in there. Love the way you reduced the first character to a still, then spun him out.

    The second guy was well introduced, too. Great stuff, any video club would be chuffed with an intro like this. I'd like to see the finished piece when it's done.

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    A vast improvement on the last version - more snappily edited, and contains a lot less nonsense than it did before.

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    Very pacy and enjoyable to watch. Smart editing, well done

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    You all make it look so easy.

    VERY NICE and look forward to seeing the end result if you can post for us

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    Default Thanks

    I will be sure to post more as I add more.

    -Steven Bogda

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    yeah that was cool, i think it matched the music very well, and there were some very good ideas, but i dont like how the music kept on playing after it ended, even though you said somthing about that, and i dont really understand how you got over 100 downloads...

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    Default Cool

    Yeah, I have no idea either. I posted it like less than 10 hours ago. Thats pretty cool.

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    really good.

    I like the intro's to the people with the wierd picture effects too.

    fast paced and holds the interest throughout.
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